Wireless Network for Indoor Positioning


A group of scientists from the Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania has come up with an innovative method for indoor positioning of people and things using a wireless network.

The system can localise a human being or an object with an accuracy of 1 meter and works in any device having a Wi-Fi function.

Applications of indoor positioning system

The system is wireless local area network (WLAN) based and can be installed into an existing device having a Wi-Fi sender/receiver and a data processor. One of the possible application of the innovation is elderly care.

The method allows determining the exact human positions. It is possible to tell if a person is standing or lying. A set of additional sensors integrated into the system can also help in monitoring the chronically ill or elderly patients. When sensors register a change in a person’s behaviour or in his or her position, the alert can be sent to the caretaker.

Smart industry solutions such as advanced process control technologies, human-machine interface, condition monitoring, smart logistics with advanced transport, real-time warehouse management are other areas that could benefit from the new technology.

“Based on collected observations of human behaviour, intelligent systems can make decisions themselves. The crucial thing for collecting this kind of data is localisation and positioning of people and things indoors”, said Professor Egidijus Kazanavicius, Director of the Real Time Computer Systems Centre, KTU.

The scientists have applied for the patent to the European Patent Office (EPO), which has officially confirmed the issue of the patent for the method for the indoor positioning of WLAN devices in the near future.