When Entrepreneurship and Teaching Go Hand In Hand


These academicians are all-rounders. They not only research on wonders of technology and train up their students but also ideate startups and run them with all success.

Contributing to the development of new technologies at universities through researches and guiding the students to do the same are what academicians generally do. However, these are not the only two ways by which they add to industrial development. Some of them go the entrepreneur way and take a direct part in the development of economy by ideating startups on their own. Let’s get introduced to some of them.

Unilumen Photonics Private Limited

The company was established in 2012 by Dr Balaji Srinivasan and Dr Anil Prabhakar, professors at electrical engineering department, IIT Madras. The company specializes in fibre laser technology solutions for industries such as material marking and cutting, bio-engineering and defence. The startup’s technology solutions also include packaging, testing and characterization of components and subsystems that are incorporated into fibre lasers. Also, it provides design services in optoelectronics to other life science companies and supports academic research in biophotonics.

Delsig System Private Limited

The company was started in 2010 with an aim to address highly specialised signal processing requirements by Dr Rajendra Bahl and Dr Arun Kumar, two professors from IIT Delhi. It offers designing of custom algorithms and provides complete solutions for realization of real-time signal processing system. The startup also provides signal processing solutions for RADAR, SONAR, speech quality improvement, passive surveillance system, etc. Its main domain is the underwater threat detection system.

Gyan Data Private Limited

Gyan Data Private Limited was founded by professor Shankar Narashimhan and professor Raghunathan Rengaswamy from IIT Madras in 2011. The company delivers data modelling and process control solutions to industries with state of art techniques and algorithms. Its present focus includes process systems engineering, hardware prototyping, data analytics, education and training.

Gram Vaani

Professor Aaditeshwar Seth from IIT Delhi is the co-founder and director of this social tech company which has an intention of using simple technologies and social context to design tools that will help and impact communities in a postive way. They have developed voice-based solutions like mobile vaani, a social platform for rural India and v-Automate voice solutions that allows you to run a mobile call-centre to give the immediate response.

Cinnos Mission Critical Incorporated

The masterminds behind this startup are Hussam Haroun, alumnus of McMaster University, Lotfi Belkhir and David K Potter – two associate professors from W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology. They provide data centre solutions and currently are developing system tools that analyze the performance of data centres in real-time, to help make decisions on reducing energy usage and predict system faults and failures.

Both entrepreneurship and teaching are areas that demand immense passion and tons of effort to be successful. These startups inspire us to never stop learning, dream big and then work to achieve it.