This Coding School in Bengaluru Won’t Charge You Tuition Fee Until You Get a Job


Masai School, which began operations in Bengaluru on Monday, aims to train over 500 students in coding in a year.

Is financial constraint stopping you from learning programming? Now, help is at hand.

Seed-funded career-focused startup Masai School has begun operations in Bengaluru and it aims to train over 500 students in coding in a year.


Interestingly, learners will be allowed to enroll here for free and pay the course fee later after getting a suitable job.

As part of the admission, students are required to sign an income-share agreement with the school.

After securing a job with a salary package of 6 lakh per annum or more, students would have to pay 15 per cent of their income to Masai School for the first three years of employment that amounts to a total of Rs 3 lakh.

If a student gets appointed at a package of less than Rs 6 Lakh, they would not have to pay anything right away, said the school.

Turning learners into skilled professionals

The school offers coding-centric learning programmes designed to train and mould learners into skilled professionals.

The courses are designed according to current industry requirements, said Prateek Shukla, the founder. He is also the co-founder of home rental startup Grabhouse.

The school provides a free, five-month full-stack web development programme along with personality development and soft skills coaching.

At Masai, students will be given the experience of working in a corporate set up along with mastering their coding skills for 10-12 hours a day.

According to Shukla, his school is meant to fill the wide skill gap that exists in the country in the field of coding.


Input: IANS