Tech Mahindra signs IT pact with UK university to Work for Smart Cities


A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Tech Mahindra and the University of Salford to collaborate across various IT sectors, including smart cities

Tech Mahindra announced an agreement with a British university as to work jointly on IT sectors including the project of smart cities. Under this MoU, students from the university will be able to get involved with Tech Mahindra projects.

Key areas signed under the MoU will include tech transformation projects and creating connected experiences for smart cities using automation, projects based on IoT as well as research into virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Unite to focus on tech

The software firm had also set up an office in Salford in order to share resources and skills to improve the standard of research. The amalgamation also aims to help students as for how tech can be used to improve customer experience when they are interacting online with businesses in sectors like telecoms, manufacturing, financial services and the media industries.

The MoU brought together business leaders, researchers and innovators from both countries to see how the collaboration of an Indian company like Tech Mahindra with the British university will benefit in the development of the IT projects.

Manchester India Partnership, a public-private initiative with a message of “Make in India, Innovate with Manchester”, is aimed at encouraging Indian companies to look towards the Manchester region as a UK investment hub. On the other side, India can offer university a large and high-growth opportunity with a deep pool of skills and technology.