‘’Study In India’’ Initiative by Government of India


Indian universities are going to offer a great deal to international students by forming India global higher education alliance

The Government of India launched the Study in India initiative to increase foreign student enrollment to over two lakh by 2023.

India global higher education alliance

The College Board formed the India Global Higher Education Alliance to provide a platform for collaborating with universities from India and abroad.

It is built with a view to share best practices and streamline admissions for both Indian and international students, including the use of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Therefore students all over the world can now take the SAT and apply to Indian alliance universities and universities around the world.

Through the SAT, Big Future, and College Board Search, Indian universities can now connect to these students to make the case for India and for their university.

Resources that help to connect students around the world

The College Board has been partnering with the universities around the world to connect students with higher education opportunities. The programs have ranged from common benchmarks like the SAT to university planning resources like Big Future.

The college search tool on Big Future allows students to search for universities that match their interests and criteria. Universities across the world are listed on Big Future’s college search tool, giving students exposure to university options which they may never have considered.

If we talk about SAT then its a common university entrance exam which help internationally mobile students to apply to universities in different countries.

Indian universities to deliver unique education

Indian universities are providing a top-notch education closer to home, at a fraction of the price of universities in more popular destinations. And it’s not just at the institutions like IITs, but also emerging private institutions.

Ahmedabad University creates an interdisciplinary learning environment supported by fieldwork and project-based learning to enable creative insight while Ashoka University is set up on a collective philanthropy model, allowing greater student access and recruitment of international faculty.

On the other hand, Bennett University launched their AI skilling and research projects. Students who may not have considered India as a destination will have more opportunities to consider Indian universities without having to worry about taking another entrance exam just for India.