Students Get Academia-Industry Platform to Showcase Tech Skills


Over 2,000 students from across 16 colleges exhibited their solutions based on advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) at the Microsoft campus in Hyderabad, thanks to Academia Accelerators – one of Microsoft’s campus engagement programs. It is aimed at creating a deep, long-term association between industry and academia in India and make use of the full potential of students.

An industry connect for the students

Learning, accessibility and road safety became the most preferred topics of the show out of 350 projects that were a part of the exhibition. Apart from the exhibition, the day-long-event also included sessions and panel discussions by the faculty and experts from Microsoft. It also showcased the top 16 projects from campus hackathon conducted throughout the year.

“Academia Accelerator aims to provide insights to students about important technology trends and practices and also adding the layer of cutting-edge industry know-how to the existing Computer Science curriculum, thereby”, said Anil Bhansali, Managing Director at Microsoft India (R&D) Private Ltd.

He added: “The success of this program is testament to the great engineering talent we have in India. We have seen significant uptake for the Academia Accelerator program in the last five years as students recognize the importance of understanding technology trends and undergoing practical training sessions during their formative years.”

Through such programs, students are empowered to dream big, build creatively, learn through competition and boldly bring their ideas to life as they gain lifelong career skills throughout their journey.