SRM University signs MoU with Prodeb Brewery Technology


The craft brewing industry in India is rapidly growing, spurning the growth of the microbrewery industry, now how is this MoU going to facilitate the rising growth  

SRM Deemed to be University provides more than 300 programs for the students in trend with the industry expectation. The craft brewing industry in India is rapidly growing, consequent to the amendment of the excise policy, spurning the growth of the microbrewery and mid-scale brewing industry. Several states are now amending their excise policies adding to the growth of this industry.

Industry-oriented craft brewing training program

The rapid growth has in turn created a need for qualified and certified brewing professionals. Unfortunately, the educational and technical training establishment has not kept pace with the professional need of this industry.

The industry is therefore compelled to employ foreign brewers. Sensing the growth of the industry and opportunities that can be provided to the society as careers, SRM has signed a MoU with Prodeb and has jointly evolved a comprehensive, industry-oriented, craft brewing training program.

Under this collaboration, the training program will have two batches enrolled per semester of 6 months. The Diploma in Craft Brewing program will cover 3 months of academic training at the SRM institute of technology campus and a 3-month term at the facilities of Prodeb for the Practical Lab and Workshop Training.

Firm academic and professional grounding

On successfully completing their training, students would enter the industry with a firm academic and professional grounding and a decisive edge of other prospective job aspirants. The career opportunities would lead them to head a microbrewery, earning twice or even be employed abroad.

Students would have also gained the required academic competency to clear examinations conducted by the Institute of brewing and distilling, UK. The course will be a good exposure to students, as the training will take place simultaneously at SRM, Prodeb Laboratories, and the Prodeb workshop in rotation over the six months term. SRM will engage with Prodeb Brewery Technology Belgium Pvt Ltd in a Memorandum of Understanding to mutually support the training program.