Soon, India’s Industrial Training Institutes to Offer a Course on E-Vehicles

  • The course will be launched in 5 to 10 ITIs within the next four months
  • As part of the course, youth would be trained to repair, install and assemble electric vehicles

India has set a target of 30 percent electric vehicles on the road by 2030. However, talent shortage in the electric vehicle segment has been one of the major roadblocks in realizing its ambitious EV plan.

With an aim to address this talent gap, the Directorate-General of Training (DGT) under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) is launching a course on e-vehicles in its Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs).


The course — initially to be of short duration — will be launched in 5-10 ITIs within the next four months, according to a BusinessLine report.

Building EV Workforce

Under this short-term course, youth would be trained to repair, install and assemble electric vehicles.

“We are starting with a handful of ITIs because we first want to scale up in cities where manufacturers are likely to launch e-vehicles. Once the basic course is tested in some of the ITIs and a set of trainers are created, scaling up will be easy,” the report quoted a government official as saying.

The curriculum of the course would be designed by Kolkata-based Central Staff Training and Research Institute (CSTRI), part of the DGT. It is also in talks with industry experts for developing the course.