Solar-powered Device That Can Light Up Offices Wins Smart India Hackathon Award


Team Techtrydan from Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology in Coimbatore was awarded Rs 75,000 for their sun-powered innovation.

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At the Smart India Hackathon, six electrical engineering students from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu presented a solar-powered device that can light up office spaces and reduce the reliance on electric power.

For their device, Team Techtrydan was awarded Rs 75,000 under the sustainable solution under complex category.

The team from Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology in Coimbatore made it to the Forge (Coimbatore), one of the 19 nodal centres for the finale of the Smart India Hackathon.

Their sun-powered innovation uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to create sustainable office spaces by doing away with the use of electricity during the day.

The team focused on various aspects, including Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hardware, analytic solving and a compatible design for the product.

How it Works?

The device, yet to be named, includes three main components.

  • A dome is installed on rooftops to channelise sunlight through a highly reflective tube.
  • A diffuser to spread the trapped sunlight across the room as well as block UV rays from entering the room.
  • Thin reflective glass to direct sunlight into the rooms. Auxiliary LED strips powered by solar energy are attached inside the reflective tube.

The team says the device can be used in offices, malls, warehouses, factories and apartments.

The team spent around Rs 5,000 on the prototype, half of which was reimbursed by the college.


Source: Yourstory