Smart Restaurants with Robo Chefs- New Buzz in Market


So what will happen when graduates from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have a dream of opening a restaurant. Would it be like our regular restaurant with great food and good ambience?

Obviously no, the talented engineers are bound to use their innovative mind in everything they do. Engineers always use technology to come up with new business ideas in the old realm. Now, four graduates from MIT have opened a new restaurant in Boston where robots make food. Oh don’t worry about the taste, these robots precisely follow the recipes created by Sam Benson of the celebrated Café Boulud.

Food cooked by Robo chefs

Each meal takes only about 3 minutes or less. The robots cook food by constantly tumbling which provides really nice and even sear. The food is heated with induction and the robotic system has temperature control too.

The restaurant with Robo chefs offers about six bowls of food in Latin, Mediterranean and Asian styles. The founders explained that use of robots to prepare meals saves on the expense, hence; the price of their meal starts out at just $ 7.50 a bowl. Apart from saving money, they believe that the real benefit that these robotic kitchen offers is quality of the meals.

As the robot does the portioning and cooking, both the processes are precise. Robots can consistently make food by using the accurate amount of ingredients without any mistakes which results in the good quality of food at cheaper rates.

The co-founders of robotic kitchen believe that this technology allows their employees to focus on creating more meaning connections with the customers at the restaurant. A human guide is there for customers, who shows them to a touchscreen kiosk from which one can place an order. The order is sent to the kitchen which is in a line of sight of customers. they can watch these robots preparing their food. The food prepared by these robots is garnished by a human employee before being distributed to the customers.