Simplilearn Launches Online PG Program in Data Science in India

  • Simplilearn has co-developed the program in partnership with Purdue University and IBM.
  • Program graduates will be granted Purdue University alumni status.
  • IBM predicts that demand for data scientists will rise by 28 percent by 2020.

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Simplilearn, a global e-learning provider of digital skills training, has introduced an online postgraduate program in data science in partnership with Purdue University and IBM.

The program, to be offered in India, will equip aspiring data science professionals with the skills needed to jump-start their career – ranging from programming languages like R and Python to machine learning and more.

The data science program brings together Purdue’s academic excellence in data science; IBM’s content, tools and certification; and Simplilearn’s award-winning curriculum and blended learning approach.

Program graduates will receive several highly prized certifications and will be granted Purdue University alumni status.

“In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving ecosystem, data is the most valuable asset any company has,” said Anand Narayanan, Simplilearn’s Chief Product Officer.

“As a result, the demand for skilled data scientists who are adept in technical, analytical and business concepts has never been higher. Simplilearn’s comprehensive data science program in partnership with Purdue provides all the core skills that professionals need to succeed in this field,” he added.

High demand for data scientists

Data science has multiple applications. Industries such as healthcare, e-commerce and banking are already harnessing data and AI to gain competitive advantage. And data scientist is emerging as one of the hottest professions today.

Research firm IDC predicts that data science and cognitive computing spending will reach $52.2 billion by 2021. Meanwhile, IBM predicts that demand for data scientists will rise by 28 percent by 2020.

“With data playing a significant role in businesses and organizations around the world, there is an increasing demand for data scientists with industry-relevant skills,” said Gerry McCartney, Executive Vice President of Purdue Online.

He continued, “We are happy to collaborate with a successful online training company like Simplilearn to provide professionals with the required competencies in a program that leverages Purdue’s internationally recognized educational expertise.”

Simplilearn provides outcome-based online training across digital technologies and applications such as Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing and other emerging technologies. The company is based in San Francisco, CA, Raleigh, NC and Bangalore, India.