Seven Wonders of Robotics World


Not all robots get citizenship like Sophia. However, most of them are as awesome as her. Some of them do not resemble the look of a human. However, the tasks they perform are incredible and will leave you in awe and shock. Let’s say hi to some of these amazing robots.

Meet our gymnast, Atlas

Known as Atlas, this humanoid robot made by Boston Dynamics not only jump and land on higher obstacles but can also do a full backflip now. The bipedal robot has sensors in its body and legs to keep its balance. It used LIDAR and stereo sensor for surveillance and to avoid obstacles. Although Atlas is without a face, its moving capabilities are remarkable.

Robots can be notorious too!

You must have often spotted some of your students bunking classes and escaping from labs. Imagine a robot doing the same now. Russian robot – Promobot IR77 is notorious for escaping from labs. Even after being reprogrammed, the robot escaped from the lab and caused a severe traffic congestion on streets of Russia. It is an Artificial Intelligent robot designed to have face to face interaction with humans.
These promobots can interact with humans and take over the roles of promoters, administrators and tour guides.

This genius robot has made the world record

The genius robot called Rubik’s Contraption, made in Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Biomimetics Lab has made it to the world record for solving Rubik’s cube in just 0.38 seconds. It solves the Cube in a blink of an eye. Earlier, the world record holder was a machine called Sub1 Reloaded that solved Rubik’s Cube in 0.627 seconds.

Mini robo-dog can open doors

We have all heard about the wonders of human-like robots but meet this dog-like robot from Boston Dynamics that can open doors and hold it for you. The quadruped robot called SpotMini was first unveiled in 2016 and has now learned this new trick.SpotMini uses its fifth appendage, an arm mounted where a canine’s head would be, to assess the door, locate and twist the handle and pull the door open.

Wedding celebrity- Mitra

Meet Mitra- a robot made by Invento Robotics from India. The Robot masters in customer interaction. It can be used as a customer service agent in multiple domains like banks, hospitals, airports, hotels. The robot speaks to customers, learn their preferences and on their next visit, it makes contextual suggestions. The most interesting thing about Mitra is you can invite him to your wedding or birthday party. It will move around like a jukebox playing songs. It also takes pictures and tweets those out if you want to.

Polite robot knows all etiquette of social navigation

The polite droid built by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) knows the social norms of pedestrian movement. It will move on one side of a corridor and overtake on the left or right depending on the country it is in. This bot can be used to act as a tour guide or delivery executive as it is able to navigate through a crowded area without colliding with other pedestrians. It learns from reinforcement learning to assess its environment and adjust its part every tenth of a second without stopping to reprogram itself. It maintains a walking speed of 1.2 m/s.

Control this robot just by watching it work

This robot developed at a lab in MIT takes its cues from human brain waves and changes its action almost instantaneously if a person observes it making a mistake. To achieve this, the researchers designed a system based on error-related potentials-brain signals that are generated whenever we notice a mistake. These signals are produced without requiring any serious concentration. All you have to do is watch the robot while it is working and just mentally agree or disagree with what it is doing. The machine adapts to you so you do not have to train yourself to think in a certain way.