SEMI Forms FlexTech Taiwan Committee to Advance Flexible Hybrid Electronics


The committee would work to establish industry standards for promoting research and development and facilitating technology and product development

SEMI, a global industry association serving the interests of manufacturing supply chain for micro and nano electronics industries, on Tuesday announced the formation of FlexTech Taiwan Steering Committee that would serve as a platform to connect academia, research, industry and government.

The major focus of the committee will be to identify market needs and trends, solve technical challenges, promote innovation and business growth for the development of flexible hybrid electronics industry and create opportunities for its members.

Flexible hybrid electronics are lightweight and highly scalable and have potential to bring innovative applications and capabilities to consumer electronics, defense, textile, medical and health care, sports and leisure, transportation, industrial automation and robotics.

The industry has to overcome challenges in the fields of regulation, yield, cost and technology standards in order fully utilise the potential of flexible hybrid electronics.

To promote flexible hybrid electronics development

The focus of FlexTech Taiwan Steering Committee is to capitalise on the success of semiconductor and LED/LCD displays in Taiwan to create a complete flexible hybrid electronics ecosystem. In addition, the committee will focus on advocating for government policies on promoting emerging industries, talent development and funding of technology research.

In addition, the committee will focus on organising exhibitions and other events for raising awareness and communicating the value of flexible hybrid electronics to the electronics industry.

The committee would also work to establish industry standards for promoting research and development and facilitating technology and product development.

There are several major industry players are associated with the committee, representing various areas including equipment, design, materials, systems, manufacturing and end applications. The members of the committee include E Ink, BenQ Materials Corporation, AUO, ASE Group, Hitachi, CymMetrik, Brewer Science, DuPont, Singular Wings Medical, Nagase, Flexterra, AiQ Smart Clothing, Wisechip Semiconductor, Far Eastern New Century, Applied Materials, Makalot Industrial, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Ritdisplay Corportation, Chang Gung University and National Sun Yat-sen University.