Pulling Out Drinking Water from Air to Relief Water Scarce Areas


Prototype of the device, powered by solar energy can be used to pull out the drinking water from the vapours

With droughts plaguing much of the areas and millions of people across the globe living without access to safe water, the need for technologies that produce clean water is greater than ever.

To combat the issue of drought, researchers explained that the solution is in the air we breathe and it is all around us. Therefore they developed a device that can tap into this abundant resource and pull water out of it.

Technology behind converting the vapour

The key to the process is a powder that desiccates the air, attracting vapour directly to the porous matrix at the base of the device’s main chamber like a sponge. The vapour is then condensed into liquid and can be collected as usable water even in dry atmospheres with as low as 20 per cent humidity.

Interestingly, the entire process of converting the water vapour found in the air into the potable water can be done using only the power of the sun.

That means the device is powered by solar energy and there is no need to use the outside power supplies. Hence, keeping it low-cost and efficient.

The spiritual dream behind developing it is to provide relief to the millions of people living in communities that lack the infrastructure needed to access the clean drinking water or those living in drought-prone areas.

Well, a small proof-of-concept prototype of the device extracted a quarter-litre of water per day per kilogram of the absorbent powder. The researchers hope to increase this output by further tailoring the powder and optimising the device.