NIT Karnataka’s E-library to Benefit Students and Faculty


E-library to equip the advanced IT-based facility to benefit academicians in the field of research

The National Institute of Technology (NIT), Karnataka dedicated the first of its kind elibrary. It was inaugurated by Satyapal Singh, the minister of state in the ministry of human resource development (HRD). The new elibrary complex of the Central Library is going to equip advanced IT-based state of the art facility to benefit students and faculty in the field of research.

What makes elibrary different?

The facilities housed in elibrary include two cyber libraries, quiet areas to study, eight discussion rooms, two seminar digital reading rooms, social space and makerspace. All the rooms are equipped with modern technology instruments for presentations. Maker spaces will help students to gather, create, invent and learn.

Each seminar hall has a seating capacity for 50 people which is used as a training centre on how to get the right information while surfing in the elibrary. By keeping in mind the flexibility of learning, the library is accessible all day and night by researchers along with a cafeteria. Here, each cyber library has about 50 internet-enabled computers where it has an access to more than 20 databases and 11,000 online journals.

Along with it, the researchers have an opportunity to access 10,000 e-Books and works from other prestigious institutions like IITs and others. Students and faculty can also access bibliography data which helps them in research.

This elibrary is more of a training centre to gather the right data needed for thesis, presentation and research. Interestingly, students and faculty don’t have to be present at the library to make use of it. A simple login is all you need to access the elibrary and the database it occupies.