NCERT’s Agreement to Train Teachers Through Online Courses


Joining hands of an Australian University with NCERT to strengthen the skills and competencies of teachers

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) had signed an agreement with Curtin University to train Indian teachers through online courses. The Australian university will develop online training modules and development tools for eight million teachers to train them. The university will help in establishing a research centre for excellence in teacher education at NCERT. The centre will deliver research training and projects to improve educational frameworks and pedagogical practice in both nations.

Webinars to introduce new courses to teachers

The online training programs will be given through Open Universities, Australia and Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) through edX. It is supposed to help in the smooth dissipation of new programmes and courses to teachers in the rural and interior belt. About 87 lakh teachers have been planned to be trained through webinars and Massive Open Online Courses, MOOCs.


Under this agreement, the University through its school of education will be able to make an endeavour for the future development of India’s education system. In addition to the online modules, there will be research and analysis of India’s existing education infrastructure, platform suitability, framework and policy requirements and teacher incentives to complete the training.

Well, NCERT has the objective to train at least 3.2 million of an estimated eight million teachers across India where the university is helping the Indian Government to achieve its five-year plan to improve teacher quality.

The alliance aims to fill the teaching gap in India, to attract more qualified teachers to rural areas, improve the regional education system and also look forward to providing ongoing training to isolated and disadvantaged teachers. Moreover, India is a densely populated country where there is a need to take initiatives regarding education system that can be implemented on a much larger scale.