Mindtree Partners with IISc Bangalore to Advance AI Research


Mindtree aims to boost AI and encourage students to learn, innovate, implement and execute unique ideas with a far-reaching positive impact

Global technology services provider, Mindtree, has come up with an endowment focused on artificial intelligence research with the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (IISc) to facilitate teaching and research for AI in Data Sciences and Natural Language Processing. The partnership aims to introduce solutions related to modern business problems using AI and machine learning.

Partnership for AI

Commenting on the collaboration, Rostow Ravanan, CEO and Managing Director, Mindtree said that the company with the help of IISc would create opportunities to strengthen research in AI and provide avenues to the clients to interact with the best of the minds in this segment. He considers AI as the cornerstone of future technologies and a proper base is required for its research and development.

Prof. Anurag Kumar, Director, IISc welcomed the partnership hoping that the institute would receive significant industry-specific exposure in modern AI and computation technology. He added, “The initiative will open up a new territory for our students to learn, innovate, implement and execute unique ideas with a far-reaching positive impact.”

Endowment fund detail

The endowment fund called the Mindtree Associate Professor Chair on Artificial Intelligence is designed to attract dynamic faculty doing ground-breaking AI research with technical scholars and domain experts. Professor Vijay Natarajan will be heading the initiative that is focused on areas like topological methods for visualization, multiscale representation of large-scale scientific data, geometric and topological simplification and applications of visualization in life sciences, climate science, and material science.

The Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (IISc) is dedicated to fostering innovation and critical thinking across science, engineering, design, and management.

Mindtree deals with emerging technologies and efficiencies to boost business innovation. Its network spans across 17 countries.