India Signed Three MoUs with UK Universities to Explore New Scenarios for 5G


India has allied with three UK universities to encourage the understanding of the 5G technology by setting up of labs

To explore more about potential use cases for 5G, India has signed three Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with three different UK universities. It is moving ahead with a view on how to accelerate the adoption of the next-generation mobile technology.

The MoUs were signed between the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) of Surrey University, the University of Bristol, King’s College London and Indian government-owned telecoms research body C-DOT (the Centre for Development of Telematics).

Promoting understanding of the 5G technology

These joint agreements will focus on setting up of labs to explore new scenarios for 5G, promoting awareness and understanding of the 5G technology. It aims to support the creation of 5G testbeds, conduct field trials and will also develop solutions for the Indian context.

The MoUs will bring the researchers from UK and India together to focus more on advancing technology. Moreover, exchange of knowledge will give rise to potential ideas and how these ideas can be executed to make the world more 5G technology friendly.

Along with this, the collaboration of research projects will focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, deployment of mobile edge computing, cloud RAN, massive MIMO and mmWave.

A win-win situation for both C-DOT and UK universities

Researchers in India and in the UK will be able to share best practice, and C-DOT will be benefited from the three universities’ 5G skill sets and their testbed and trials experience.

The government of India is committed to march in step with the world growing technologies, and be among the leaders to accelerate in the exploration, adoption, and full-scale deployment of 5G technology for the benefit of citizens.