IIT-Mandi and NIRDPR Team up to Study MGNREGA’s Implementation in HP


IIT- NIRDPR to jointly study the processes and practices responsible for successful implementation of MGNREGA

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi has collaborated with National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR) to conduct a study on the implementation of MGNREGA in several districts of Himachal Pradesh (HP).

The team titled the study as ‘Documentation of Successful Practices and Scalable Models under MGNREGA in Himachal Pradesh’. The study will identify the practices and processes responsible for the successful implementation of MGNREGA in the diverse areas of the state.

HP met core objectives of MGNREGA

Himachal Pradesh has successfully met some of the core objectives of MGNREGA including rural asset creation, micro-watershed development, checking urban migration, empowering women, and uplifting scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, economically and socially backward sections.

S. Jyothis, Head, Centre for Wage Employment, NIRDPR told that the study was supported by NIRDPR under the Annual Action Plan of the MGNREGA. It revealed that MGNREGA in HP is not only efficient in terms of infrastructure and social capital at the grassroots level but also in helping decentralised governance and women empowerment.

This study found that the impact of MGNREGA can be observed in the lives of women in Mandi district of the State. About 75 per cent of the work under the MGNREGA in Mandi district of HP was executed through women as against the national average of 48 per cent in the country.

Further, in certain panchayats in the district, women brought about a ban on liquor through the rapport they had built by working under MGNREGA and the subsequent creation of women’s groups.

The topography of Himachal Pradesh, the climate, culture and agricultural cycles, in addition to the relative absence of industrial factories that are the mainstay of urban employment in several other states set the Himachal region apart from the rest of the country, according to a release.