IIT Madras-Incubated Startup Launches Smart Air Purifier


AirOK’s smart air purifier ‘Vistar’ have Wi-Fi connectivity, touch interface and have the ability to filter a variety of pollutants

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras-incubated startup AirOK launched a smart air purifier ‘Vistar’. The purifier can filter a variety of pollutants such as particulate matter, microbes, fungus and gaseous substances.

The smart purifier has Wi-Fi and touch interface. The startup also mentioned that the functioning of the purifier in terms of the quantum of pollutants in the air can be ascertained in real-time.

Coverage of smart purifier is around 550 sq.feet

It is claimed that Vistar has a coverage area of approximately 550 sq.feet and have a life of about one year. The air purifier will be priced at around Rs. 20,000 which is claimed to be almost half that of those in the market. The Startup assured that it can manufacture up to 30 units per day currently and can increase the production capacity to 1,000 without any additional investment.

SAR Group, makers of water purifiers under Livpure brand caught the glimpse of the technology used by AirOK, where they invested about Rs 12 crores in AirOK. Along with the investment, the company will also be the distribution partner for AirOK’s retail air-purifier product. Interestingly, the product has been evolved for over few months in the workshop of the institute where its technology has been validated by laboratory and field tests.

After receiving the positive results from the laboratory, the purifier was given a field trial by the children speciality hospital in Chennai. Additionally, the company will target institutional segment which includes hospitals, hospitality, commercial real estate, food processing and manufacturing in the initial phase.