IIT Madras Develops SMS Model for Business Excellence


IIT-Madras has developed the SMS business model and called it human-centric as it addresses human factors and ergonomics in the manufacturing and service sectors

IIT Madras has come up with Suzhal Management System (SMS) Business Excellence Model to help manufacturers and the service segment improve efficiency. The SMS model is also called a human-centric one for it has integrated human factors such as job rotation to address man-machine, machine-method and man-method related issues.

SMS model

IIT’s new business model claims to be applicable to the enhancement of processes involved in manufacturing and aid in innovation. Prof. Venkatesh Balasubramanian, department of engineering design, IIT Madras, said that it could be applied in the service sector, manufacturing and process-oriented manufacturing companies and product development. Organisations can use the programme to build organisational capabilities in the employees.

Human factors and ergonomics

The Suzhal Management System emphasizes human factors and ergonomics besides ways for strategic implementation. Its human factors and ergonomics emphasis are to understand the skill deficit, deskilling of processes and yield reliable low-cost automation. Overall, the SMS helps improve business and become competitive and contribute to Make-in-India initiative.

The Business Excellence model is said to become increasingly used by small and large-scale industries – leather processing, automotive manufacturers, state-run India Post and Indian Railways department.