IIT Madras Designs Refrigeration System Using Natural Refrigerant


Prototype of refrigeration technology using natural refrigerant like CO2  to reduce India’s contribution towards global warming

Madras IITians developed the prototype of the refrigeration technology using the natural refrigerant that is CO2The prototype will be used in the college mess, hospital, supermarkets, dairy industries etc., which uses different levels of cooling.

Taking long-term benefits

Well, this product will be helpful in reducing global warming once implemented. The heat produced during the whole process of cooling can further be utilised in hospitals and other places. It can be installed in supermarkets, dairy industries, meat industries, hotels etc.

As per the prototype, it is a multi-stage system where four different modes exist which are the deep refrigeration, normal refrigeration, air conditioning and heat recovery modes. Using carbon dioxide in refrigeration design will prove to be less fatal than synthetic refrigerants and will also maintain equilibrium with the environment.

The system will have positive impacts on the environment as it has point 1 Global Warming Potential (GWP) as compared to other refrigeration systems having higher GWPs.

Can reduce India’s global warming contribution

This system will consume 20 per cent less power as compared to refrigeration systems using synthetic refrigerants and proved to be harmless in natural conditions. After the successful testing of the system, the project team, including the industrial partners and potential end users, will identify suitable field installation sites in India and Norway.

Moreover, the project is a part of Indo-Norwegian and is funded by the Ministry of External Affairs, Norway. If this system is efficiently implemented then it can make changes in the refrigeration industry and reduce India’s contribution towards global warming.