IIT-M Startup to Offer Affordable Hands-on Course on Deep Learning


With this startup, the institute aims to build an AI-ready workforce in India.The course will begin from February 1, for which the last date of registration is January 24.   

 The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) on Friday launched a startup, called PadhAI, to train students in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The startup will offer an affordable hands-on course on ‘Deep Learning’ which is the most successful sub-field of AI, Times of India reported.

The course is open to all students, faculty and professionals with a basic background in mathematics and Python. For students and faculty, the fee is Rs 1,000 while working professionals would have to pay Rs 5,000.

The startup will also collaborate with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the IT industry to create AI-driven apps.

Mitesh Khapra, Assistant Professor at IIT-Madras, noted that the Indian IT industry has gone through several waves of technology and survived by upskilling. But the current wave of AI, he said, is very different and it requires both mathematical insight and hands-on experience.

“We need courses that strike the right balance between these two. Only then will India be able to produce visible products and services in the AI age,” he added.

AI residency programme for toppers

Every year, best performing students will be selected, and they will be invited to a summer garage – an AI residency programme at IIT-M Research Park where they can work on research, tackle problems of societal impact, or find solutions to commercial value.

The four-month course comprises 80 hours of lecture content and requires equivalent time in solving assignments.

It will involve monthly contests and a capstone challenge that trains participants to build an app that works like Google Lens for a few Indian languages.

The course will begin from February 1, for which the last date of registration is January 24.