IIT Kharagpur Announces New Scholarships and Awards For Undergraduates


You don’t have to be at the economically lower margin to grab the new scholarships announced by IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur announced several new awards and scholarships for undergraduate students. These awards and scholarships will be given to undergraduates who will excel in academics and research.  

The nine new scholarships and two awards for deserving undergraduates are sponsored by the alumni and corporates. It is also announced that these academic awards will be given from this month itself.

Students of marginally higher categories can access it

The institute mentioned that the existing scholarships at the institute are for the lower cut-off economic background students. Due to this, students falling into marginally higher categories are not able to apply for any assistance. Besides, giving the cost of living, the students also need some sort of financial support hence, the institute has increased the threshold of the current family income up to Rs 10 lakh and Rs 15 lakh per year for different scholarships to accommodate more students.

The institute will also be funding research at undergraduate level from its endowment fund built out of alumni donations over the years.