IIT Kanpur Develops Artificial Rain to Combat Drought Situations


States facing drought-like situations can now be relieved by using the technology of producing artificial rain, developed by the IIT engineers

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has developed the domestic technology to make an artificial rain. This technology of producing artificial rain can be used to combat drought-like situation in any of districts in India.

Well, it was planned to produce an artificial rain in Mahoba district in the month of May in contract with China. But now, the engineers at IIT Kanpur came up with a technology of producing an artificial rain to challenge up the drought situations which is cheaper in comparison to China.

The technology developed at IIT will cost Rs 5.5 crore to cover 1,000 square kilometres with artificial rains. It was also mentioned that the artificial rain wouldn’t harm the ecology but will help to recover water scarce situations.