IIT-Jodhpur Develops Prototype of Clay-Based Solution to Detoxify Water


IIT-J come up with an eco- friendly solution to solve the problem of the adulterated water

The team of IIT Jodhpur has developed the Rajasthani clay-based photocatalytic water purification technology wherein a country like India, underground water is the major source for drinking and agricultural purpose.

Formation of reactive oxygen when exposed to sunlight

To resolve the problem of the polluted water, the institution has come up with an economical and eco-friendly solution of using Rajasthani clay under sunlight. When these photocatalysts are exposed to sunlight, the formation of reactive oxygen takes place which in turn smash the pollutants from textile contaminated water.

Unlike the present set of photocatalysts, these Rajasthani clay-based photo catalysts maintain their inherent surface activity and can be recovered up to 99% after water treatment, therefore, considered reusable.  

Being a natural clay it doesn’t cost environmental threat and are safe enough for its use in purification of drinking water. Additionally, these natural photo catalysts also work well for pharmaceutical industry discharge. It is important to detoxify the water as it contains high amounts of dyes, fluoride-rich chemicals and other industrial discharges and emerged as a contributor to ill-health of the people.

Presently, the institution has aimed to prepare a prototype to provide low-cost technological treatment to purify water in remote areas by using mobile van equipped with photocatalytic water purification systems. Well, they are moving ahead to take this prototype a step further by planning its licensing to businesses.