IIT Hyderabad Trains Girl School Students to take up Career in STEM


Program to deal with mental and physical fitness, emotional resilience, personal health and hygiene and exposure

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad is encouraging girl students to take up a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) It is hosting a Vigyan Jyothi, a two-week residential training programme designed to give an exposure for girl students to the various careers in STEM.

Expands female interest and employment in STEM

Vigyan Jyothi Scholars program is addressing a key issue that is true of India and across the world, that despite the high priority that is placed on STEM in schools, efforts to expand female interest and employment in STEM and computer science are not working as well as intended. This is especially true in technology and engineering.

Funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt of India. Around 35 meritorious girl students of class 11 are taking part in this program, being held at IIT Hyderabad campus. Vigyan Jyoti is an initiative to motivate girl students to pursue a career in engineering and technology. Their participation in technology development is a must. This workshop by the Teaching and Learning Center at IITH and the faculty of IITH will help in achieving gender parity in engineering and technology profession.

The students would be taken to various laboratories such as 3D printing, robotics, tinkerer’s, materials science, physics, chemistry and others. The students would also be taken on a heritage tour to Qutab Shahi, Golconda and museums besides to the Birla Planetarium and the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD).

Vigyan Jyoti and WE HUB initiative

With the Government of Telangana’s interest in women empowerment through the inclusion of young girls and women in the startup ecosystem, WE HUB was created. One of the Key mandates for WE HUB is to enable, encourage and support the many exceptional young girls with the enthusiasm and passion for STEM fields to continue in those fields and become the part of the exceptional growth story of Telangana and India.

Vigyan Jyothi knowledge centre intends to look into coaching, mentorship interaction with role models to stimulate equity and equality in participation of girls in Higher Education and careers in STEM. Taken up this year as a pilot project, it also includes lectures, seminar, lab visit, hands-on sessions, do and discover, business quiz, students outing, personality development, yoga, newspaper reading and so on.