IIT Goa Signs MoU With Express Analytics to Collaborate on AI, Machine Learning


    To kick off this partnership, IIT Goa and Express Analytics have also announced a pan-India competition in machine learning for students.

    The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Goa, has signed an MoU with the US-based marketing analytics services firm Express Analytics to collaborate in the field of data science and analysis, including in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

    According to a press release, the partnership aims to facilitate exchange of ideas, development of new knowledge, as well as enhance high quality research acumen in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data science and data analysis, data mining and knowledge discovery.

    Under the new arrangement, IIT Goa and Express Analytics will jointly explore research and development (R&D) options in product-building programmes and publish important findings in research publications.

    In addition to carrying out research and development activities, the two partners will also organize on-premise and public events around these technologies. The partnership will also open internship opportunities for IIT Goa students with Express Analytics.

    The five-year MoU was signed between IIT Goa Director Prof. B.K. Mishra and Atul Dixit, Director, Express Analytics.

    Building an AI-ready workforce

    According to a survey by Gartner, by 2023, artificial intelligence and deep-learning techniques will be the most common approaches for new applications of data science.

    Commenting on the partnership, Prof. B. K. Mishra, Director IIT Goa, said, “We believe that this cooperation would enable new product development based on basic and applied research. This would also give exposure to students in IIT Goa and nearby engineering colleges to real world challenges in AI based application design and development.”

    Along with its industry partners like Express Analytics, the institute also plans to train more students, including from non-IIT institutions, to prepare them as AI-ready workforce.

    “Real-time data analytics, predictive marketing, identity resolution and Contact Optimization are some of the areas of eCommerce that we expect to collaborate on,” added Hemant Warudkar, CEO, Express Analytics.

    Some of the other subjects that the joint team will explore include present-day and future use of machine learning in analytics, discovering ways and means of enhancing the use of data analytics, and the many ways that enterprises can derive benefits by deploying advance forms of data analytics.

    Express Analytics-IIT GOA Competition in Artificial Intelligence

    This is for the first time that IIT-Goa has entered into such a partnership with a private enterprise in the field of data science.

    IIT Goa and Express Analytics have also announced a pan-India competition in machine learning for students to kick off this partnership. Interested students can check the details here: http://www.iitgoa.ac.in/AI-competition.php

    Express Analytics is developing an ‘AI first Customer Data Platform’ and is seeking talent from IITs and other higher educational institutions for its Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence team.