IIT-Delhi Announces Centres for EVs, CPS and Innovation Park


The two new centres and innovation park will be solving issues relating to electric vehicles (EV), information technology and defence technologies in India

IIT-Delhi has announced that it will set up two centres – Centre for Electric Vehicles and Centre for Cyber-Physical System to monitor and solve issues related to these areas. It will also come up with an innovation science park by 2019 to work with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Centre for EVs

HT has reported that the Centre for electric vehicles, along with the other two plans is slated to kickstart in 2019. V Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT-Delhi, informed that the centre’s focus would be to research and work on areas that would help in cost reduction in manufacturing EVs and improve the EV charging capacities of batteries.

Centre for CPS

The Centre for Cyber-Physical System is targeting to provide solutions in the information technology sector. The IIT director said that the centre would aim to connect systems to the internet and offer data to make better decisions to solve day-to-day problems. He cited the example of the need for information on using the adequate amount of water, soil moisture, nutrients or fertilizers to improve agricultural productivity. The CPS centre will be researching on sensors that can provide such data to contribute to the productivity by aiding the farmers to make intelligent decisions.

IIT Delhi’s upcoming innovation park is set to work with DRDO and develop defence technologies such as aeronautics, armaments, electronics and combat vehicles.