IIT-Bombay Scientists Build System to Boost Data Connection


IIT-Bombay brings out algorithms to help data operators provide better data connectivity without blocking voice calls 

The IIT-Bombay scientists of the Electrical Engineering department have brought out a set of algorithms to make a better choice as to choosing the Wi-fi or the cellular network for better data connectivity. The scientists believe that the algorithms will help network providers to make a better choice for mobile phones.

Wi-fi or 4G

The scientists have proposed a system that allows the network provider to allocate better rates of data transfer without compromising on the voice call quality, which otherwise gets blocked with increasing number of data connections in a cellular network. Businessline has quoted a source saying that the system provides a central controller that can be used by the operator to monitor the connections at each cell tower or Wi-fi access points and decide if a data or voice call should be served using mobile network or Wi-fi. The new idea was the result of a constant effort to figure out ways to maximize the utilisation of the system and enable users to receive the best quality data

Cloud-based controllers are believed to be the future of mobile networks that will enable users to make decisions based on the entire picture of the network. The IIT-Bombay scientists, in a statement issued, stated that the 5G’s idea is to address limitations attached to the overall mobile connectivity, be it voice calls or data connection.