IIMs are Likely to Enroll Graduates Directly to PhD Programmes


Enrolling graduates directly to PhD programmes will likely benefit all the 20 IIMs in the country

The human resource development (HRD) ministry is likely to allow the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) to admit graduates directly to PhD programmes. Students have the opportunity to enrol themselves into PhD directly just after the completion of a four-year Bachelor’s degree or professional courses. The move is likely to benefit all the 20 IIMs in the country as it will save both time and money of students and faculty. According to UGC notification, only people with a master’s degree are eligible to pursue PhD.

Matter raised with government to go beyond the UGC norms

After the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), business schools have also raised the matter with the government to allow the direct admission of students to PhD after their graduation. The proposal has been sent to the HRD ministry for the final implementation.

However, the B-schools have already admitted candidates to their fellow programmes just after the graduation but aren’t unable to provide them with a PhD degree. Now that the IIM Act is in place, the HRD ministry would allow them to grant degrees.

As per IIM Act, which was passed on December 20, 2017 and came into effect from January 31, 2018, empowered IIMs to grant degrees, diplomas and other academic titles. The institute autonomously can award fellowships, scholarships, prizes and medals, honorary awards and other distinctions to students.

Furthermore, the HRD ministry pointed out the condition, where the minimum time period for PhD by the graduates having a bachelor’s degree would be of three years or six semesters. While the duration for completing the PhD by students having a Master’s degree would be of two years or four semesters.