IIIT-Hyderabad to Host Developer Tutorial, Hackathon on Smart Cities


The developer tutorial will enable the students and technology developers to develop standards compliant applications for internet of things (IoT)

International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad is hosting a developer tutorial event on October 27-28, 2018 using open source implementation of oneM2M, created by French Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS) – National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Organised by India-EU ICT Standards Collaboration Project, the event is part of “India-EU Partnership Project for Collaboration on ICT Standardisation, Policy and Regulatory Matters”, which is jointly anchored by Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI) and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and Telecom Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) from India and EU, respectively.

Focus on IoT applications

The developer tutorial, led by a team of professors from University of Toulouse, France, will enable the students and technology developers to develop standards compliant applications for internet of things (IoT) and give interoperability and other major benefits of standardisation.

Speaking on the development, Prof Sachin Chaudhari, Signal Processing and Communication Research Center (SPCRC), IIIT-H said, “IoT is one of the main research topics at IIIT-H and we are glad to host this event focusing on IoT applications for Smart Cities which are very relevant for India.”

“This event will also facilitate collaboration with the researchers of LAAS-CNRS, City of Bordeaux, ETSI, TSDSI, City of Hyderabad, EU Delegation to India and other relevant stakeholders. LAAS-CNRS have deployed smart city applications in the French city of Bordeaux. In collaboration with them, we would like to build similar applications in the Indian context in the city of Hyderabad,” said Chaudhari.

Hackathon on smart city’s challenges

The tutorial will be followed by a hackathon, which will be held on October 28, 2018, with a Smart City theme. The aim of the hackathon is to come up with new applications that a smart city could provide its citizens, elected representatives or administrative and technical services in a multi-domain vision based on the oneM2M standard.

Hackathon will be focused on the challenges related to smart cities such as energy efficiency in smart buildings, smart healthcare services, pollution monitoring and disaster management.

Sachin Gaur, Coordinator, EU–India Cooperation, said that the hackathon has received around 200 entries from all-over the country and has been shortlisted to the top 20 solutions. The top 20 teams will be taught how to build standard compliant solutions, hence making their solutions global and interoperable.

The winning team of hackathon will get a trip to attend a leading startup event in Estonia in January 2019, fully funded by EU.