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Your shirt cuffs can alert you to a missed call, text

The smart thread developed as part of Google’s project Jacquard changes hues in response to electrical charges. The technology Ebb -changing colour of clothes using electricity envisions a future with smart fabrics. Right now, the colour changes are really slow but eventually, scientists want to make the process as fast as refreshing e-link, so you could look down at the cuffs of your shirt to see if you’ve got any missed calls or messages.

Use solar panels as windows this way

After years of research scientists from different universities across the world, scientists have achieved to create transparent solar cells that capture just ultra-violet and near-infrared wavelengths of light. These rays are invisible to human eyes, thereby do not obstruct human vision making these solar panels transparent.

These transparent solar panels can be used in windows of buildings and electric cars. Although they are not as efficient as conventional solar panels there are so many windows in an average skyscraper that can be used to generate more solar energy in addition to the existing conventional method.