Eggshell Proteins to Develop Devices for Producing Electricity


Eco-friendly energy harvesting source to produce electricity and can power up sensors and numerous portable devices  

IIT Kharagpur scientists have used an eggshell membrane to generate electricity as proteins found in eggshell membranes have piezoelectric properties that can produce electricity.

Scientists explained that the proteins of eggshell can be used to develop tiny devices that can harvest electricity from body movements and could power the wearable sensors and devices in future.

To develop the device using piezoelectric materials

According to the research, the piezoelectric materials are eco-friendly energy harvesting source to generate electricity and can be beneficial in in-vivo biomedical applications.

The researchers had isolated the soft membrane present inside the eggshell and then the membrane was made coated on both sides with thin copper tapes. After this, the gold electrodes were attached to it and then the entire arrangement was encapsulated in a silicon-based organic polymer.   

Well, this device is ultrasensitive towards minute pressure arising from the pulse, body motions at rest and walking conditions. They also showed up that bringing together five of these devices can provide enough voltage to light-up over 90 green LEDs and can be used to power applications including fitness trackers, health monitors and sensors.

It is expected that this innovation can bring the upliftment of the green energy harvesting technology as self-powered implantable, wearable electronics and also can be used to power up various daily portable electronics in near future.