Educational and Industrial Alliance to Give Degree on Artificial Intelligence


Vishwakarma University makes an industry connect to encourage the postgraduate programme on AI and advanced analytics

Vishwakarma University joined hands with Inflexion Analytix Private Limited to start up the postgraduate programme on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics at the university itself.  It has been done with an aim to train students on the AI revolution and also to reduce the education-industry gap.

Focus on resolving business issues

MS (Artificial Intelligence and Analytics) programme is suitable for students who are interested in learning, understanding and developing AI and Analytics models with a focus on solving business and industrial problems.

The programme will also offer advanced courses of study covering data mining, machine learning, algorithms, recommendation systems, natural language processing and data visualisation. Additionally, it will allow the students to understand and solve real business issues while focusing on application, research and writing the thesis that reports recommendations, results and conclusions.

Must have a bachelor’s degree to pursue

The eligibility criteria to apply for the course is that the student must have the Bachelor of Technology degree or Bachelor of Engineering Degree or Bachelor of Science in Computer of Statistics. The course will be of two years, divided into four semesters.

The job market is expected to cover all sectors including Banking and Insurance, Manufacturing Retail, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, and Telecom. All these sectors are expected to increase tech spending on Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence by as much as 41% by 2020.

So, it is expected that by 2020 about 2 lakh new jobs will be added in the Indian IT Industry whereas the global job market is expected to create 2.3 million jobs.

Further, it is assumed that 70% of Indian organisations will deploy AI enabled customised services and solutions for making decisions and to gain competitive advantage.