CSIR Teams up with Nvidia to set up AI Innovation Centre


Centre of Excellence to be set-up in Delhi to offer the industry a complete design and implementation environment for the development of AI-based applications

The CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) and Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI) in Pilani, Rajasthan have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to setup a center of innovation and development of AI-based applications at CCERI’s Delhi campus.

Industrial scientific research expertise

The CEERI-Nvidia Centre of Excellence (CNCoE) will be powered by a five-petaflop AI supercomputer. CSIR has 4,000-plus active scientists spread over 38 national laboratories covering a wide spectrum of specialisations in science and technology.

This CNCoE is significant because it brings together Nvidia’s cutting-edge AI platform with vast industrial scientific research expertise and capability from CSIR-CEERI. This combination will enable researchers and industry across the country to advance their AI systems development.

Development in AI systems

The centre will house a high-throughput AI computing infrastructure that can be leveraged by CSIR laboratories, in collaboration with public and private organisations and industries across the country, to conduct research and development.

This centre will provide a unique platform for developing AI systems to solve some of the critical problems in healthcare, natural resource management, food production, security and transportation by exploiting multi-dimensional knowledge base available with CSIR and other research organisations in the country.

The industry can use this facility to develop AI-based products supporting the Make in India initiative of the government, This CNCoE has the potential to usher in a culture of AI-based innovations in a variety of application domains.