Smart phone

RF Powered Battery-free Cellphone Is The Next Technovation

Imagine the days when you would not have to worry about your phone running out of battery.These days are not that far.The scientists at the...
Nano-transistor,electronic cicuit

IISC researchers developed low power nano-transistor

Researchers at IISC have developed a nano-transistor that can function at a supply voltage of as low as 0.5 V.They experimentally demonstrated a novel nano-transistor which...
ambient WiFi, 3D printed sensors, Smart objects

Now 3D Printed Sensors Without Circuitry Connects to WiFi

Imagine a laundry bottle that will order refill online as soon as it runs out or a volume slider that connects to the speakers...
Charger, Phone,wireless

Device to Wirelessly Charge Phone With Laser Across a Room

We may now be able to charge our cellphone without those USB cables.Engineers at the University of Washington(UW) for the first time has now...

Scientists Have Made Batteries With Built-in Fire Extinguisher to Avoid Explosions

Imagine batteries with built-in fire extinguisher. That is exactly what the scientists from the University of Tokyo are working on to avoid massive fires...
Wearable electronics,health monitoring,sensor

Breathable Electronics on Skin for Health Monitoring

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have made a hypoallergenic electronic sensor for health monitoring that can be worn on skin continuously for a...

Customizable Power Source for Wearable Electronics

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have created a customisable, fabric-like power source that can be cut, folded or stretched without losing...
mini diode

Scientists Have Come Up With a Mini Diode from a Single Molecule

Researchers from Curtin University has made a mini diode barely worth a nanometer in size from a single molecule.They have attached a molecule of...
power out of void, MIT

MIT Engineers Show Way of Producing Power Out of Void

If you think electricity can be procured only from sunlight, batteries, wind or water, now Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineers have shown a...
science fiction to reality,R2D2.princess leah project,star wars, 3D hologram

BYU Engineers Brought Science Fiction to Reality

Inspired by the iconic scene from Star Wars in which R2D2 projects an image of Princess Leia in distress, Brigham Young University(BYU) have created...
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