‘Blind’ Robot to Locomote Without Cameras

Researchers have developed algorithms to free the Cheetah robot from visual devices, suggesting potential applications in rough terrain access The Cheetah 3 robot at MIT...
solar cells

Biogenic Solar Cells for Electricity in Low-Light Conditions

Researchers have utilised genetic engineering to harness solar energy despite the weather conditions Scientists from the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, have developed a...

AI to Detect Areas Prone to Waterlogging

Researchers have proposed an AI system to enhance analysis and detection of areas vulnerable to waterlogging Engineering students from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi...
electronic tattoos

Tattoos as Wearable Electronics

Similar to a child’s decorative tattoos, these electronic tattoos are a step forward in wearable circuits and computing systems Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have...

RFID Tags to Trace Misplaced Baggage

Students competed in a national event and presented solutions to airport baggage delivery problems Students from Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering (BVCE), SIES Graduate School...

Research Awards to Investigate Misinformation

Whatsapp offers monetary rewards to fund research in the distribution of false information In order to understand how online platforms are being used to...
data analytics

Data Analytics to Examine Spams

Industry experts help Indian and Japanese students to tackle Twitter spams with applications of data analytics With the theme of ‘The Power Data Science for...
Autonomous Robots

Beaver-inspired Autonomous Robots for Rough Terrain

The new rover-like vehicle uses surroundings to build complex structures and overcome obstacles In order to address the struggle that robots face while dealing with...

Inflatable Safety Helmets developed for Motor Cyclists

Inflatable helmets have been introduced to provide sufficient protection and prevent injuries for motorcyclists Each year nearly 1.2 million people die because of road...
PhD Anti-plagiarism Norms, UGC, draft policy

MHRD Toughen PhD Anti-plagiarism Norms

Union government has ordered Universities to implement Turnitin software to curb the practice of plagiarism in PhD theses With an aim to improve quality of...
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