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4D Printing: Give Life to Inert Materials

4D printing is an emerging technology that can be used to print customisable smart materials 3D printing technology has caused much hype over the past...

“Smaller Companies Should Get to Work on Major Projects to Improve Industry Scenario”

In order to promote the culture of ideating successful startups in India, we need to adapt the culture of smaller companies working on major...
conferences, meeting, hall, crowd, paper presentation

These Conferences to Recognise Your Research and Hard Work

Done with your research paper and looking forward to presenting it at a conference soon? Then, this is the right piece for you. Here...
Dream big

When Entrepreneurship and Teaching Go Hand In Hand

These academicians are all-rounders. They not only research on wonders of technology and train up their students but also ideate startups and run them...
Free AI online course, Universities,Free course

These universities Offer Free, Online AI Courses for All

Artifical Intelligence (AI) allows your machines to take the decisions on their own. No wonder the technology is creating magic in almost every field....
Ananjan Basu, IIT Delhi, centre of applied research in electronics, head, CARE, interview

“Microwave Engineers High on Demand But Supply Rate is Minimal”

Did you know that there are some areas in electronics departments that need more attention in terms of faculty and student strength than the...
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