Learn All about Basics of Blockchain Technology


Just the way the internet created a significant disruption in the late 1990’s, the blockchain is doing that now.

There is hardly anyone who has not heard the name of Bitcoin yet. Although Bitcoin is the one that brought blockchain in existence, the blockchain is not Bitcoin. It is a whole new technology that has the potential to bring revolution in almost every field.

Free global blockchain workshop

Now you can learn and teach your students all about the blockchain technology as Center for Technology Management, Columbia University has teamed up with Runs.com to organize a free webinar on the blockchain.

Dr Arthur Langer, director, Center for Technology Management, Columbia University and Dr Artit Wangperawong, PhD, Stanford University and Chief Technology Officer, runs.com will discuss the disruptive role of Blockchain and what it means for the future of technology. Some examples of such use cases include finance, eCommerce, distributed storage, crypto currencies, smart contracts and decentralization.

After attending the webinar you will learn about the basics of blockchain and how it works. The potential uses of blockchain will also be a topic in the webinar. Another interesting topic of discussion would be what it all means for the future of technology.

So keep your schedule free on June 16, 2018 at 11:30 am EST and learn all about this fascinating new technology. Just click here to begin.