Ayehu Academy to Prepare IT Professionals for AI-Powered Automation Future


Ayehu’s artificial intelligence-powered Next Generation Intelligent Automation Platform is the cornerstone for the academy.

Ayehu, a leader in intelligent automation, has launched its Automation Academy to provide IT and security technology professionals with up-to-the-minute knowledge, experience and tools necessary to compete in the rapidly transforming and increasingly AI-driven world.

According to industry leading analyst firm Forrester Research, while 16 per cent of jobs will be lost over the next decade as a result of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology, 13.6 million new jobs will be created during that time. Another recent study by Deloitte revealed that while 800,000 low-skill jobs were eliminated by AI and automation technologies, 3.5 million new, higher paying jobs were created.

“Automation and AI are impacting our world every day, and companies are realizing that if they don’t act now, they will quickly be left behind,” said Peter Lee, Vice President Customer Experience, Ayehu.

“Our dedication to intelligent automation has earned us a reputation as an expert, so we created the Automation Academy to support all those that want to re-educate and re-invent themselves for the future,” Lee added.

Courses offered Under Ayehu Academy

The Automation Academy offers an essentials package, advanced package and online certifications, depending on business needs.

According to Ayehu, courses are designed to help IT professionals comprehend and cultivate practical automation skills through a variety of interactive learning activities. Training options are flexible to help students get started on the journey from basic to breakthrough.

Ayehu Academy will offer the following courses:

Essential Training: Introductory training designed for beginner-level users starting to explore and use automation.

Self-led, online module will guide students through the fundamentals of Ayehu’s Next Generation Intelligent Automation and Orchestration Platform.

Students can explore theoretical concepts and participate in hands-on exercises to build a foundational understanding of automation technology.

Advanced Training (includes Essentials)

In-depth training on how to become the future of intelligent operations, including the ability to plan and build automated workflows.

Students will receive expert instruction either online or on-site for small or large audiences. Formal certification will be awarded upon successful course completion.

Online Exams

Exams to test automation technology knowledge, assess in-depth awareness and verify student skill level. Ayehu offers flexible online availability for anywhere, anytime testing.

Ayehu’s AI-powered Next Generation Intelligent Automation Platform is the cornerstone for the academy. The platform incorporates artificial intelligence to augment human ingenuity, in order to enable the creation of the next generation of intelligent applications. It delivers no-code, automated workflows that help enterprises save significant time on manual and repetitive tasks, accelerate mean time to resolution, and maintain greater control over IT infrastructure.

Embracing automation will create opportunities for promotions and new positions, and most importantly give people the freedom to be true innovators, Lee concluded.