An App to Meet Basic Life Necessities


A team from MVJ College of Engineering has come up with an application that can help people to meet their basic necessities at ease.

They are calling their app STABL (Steps towards Better Life), which can be used to get doctors consultation and even medicines from a nearby pharmacy store by sharing the symptoms of the sick person.

App to take care of yourself

The app can be used to report the symptoms that the person is suffering and a doctor will check him online or will physically come to check the patient. The doctor can also upload the prescription upon the consent of the patient that will be sent to the nearest pharmacy and medicines would be delivered at patient’s home.

If a patient already has a prescription, he can upload it that will then be forwarded to a nearby pharmacy. Another interesting feature of the app is that it gives reminders as instructed by the doctor as to when to take the given medicines.

Apart from that, the app also researches which food should be consumed to further help a speedy recovery. The recipe for the suggested food will also be displayed as well as an option to order the food from a nearby restaurant will also be given. The feedback will be taken from the user and reports of recovery will be made from the data to monitor the health condition. With all these features, the app can surely make the life of migrated people a bit easier.

One of the developers said,”Once I was in need of an app like this, I believe that there are many others also who are in need of this.  If this app is developed and deployed on the store, it will help many people and make their life a better one.”