90 Per Cent of Developing Economies Lagging in Critical Skills: Report


India is ranked at 50th spot in business skills, 44th in technology, and 51st in data science.  

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Two-thirds of the world’s population is falling behind in critical skills, including 90 per cent of developing economies, revealed a report by Silicon Valley-based e-learning firm Coursera on Thursday.

The report, titled Global Skills Index: 2019 (GSI) analyzed skill trends and performance for 60 countries and 10 industries in the key domains of business, technology and data science.

It found that India is lagging far behind its global peers in future job skills. As per the report, India is ranked at 50th spot in business skills, 44th in technology, and 51st in data science.

India was also found to be lagging among the 16 Asia Pacific countries, indicating a critical need to upskill the country’s workforce on key competencies.

“The global skills landscape is under major transition. With technology advancing faster than humans, the skills that once fueled careers, industries, and entire economies will no longer suffice,” said Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, said in a statement.

“With the launch of Coursera’s Global Skills Index, governments and companies now have unprecedented access to high quality skills data to understand how their workforce stacks up against the world and take action on any critical upskilling opportunities,” Maggioncalda added.

Europe identified as global skills leader

European countries make up over 80 per cent of the cutting-edge category across business, technology, and data science, according to the report.

Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Norway, and the Netherlands are consistently cutting-edge in all three domains. This advanced skill level is likely a result of Europe’s heavy institutional investment in education via workforce development and public education initiatives.

North America (which includes US and Canada) is a strong performer in across all skill domains.

On the contrary, it found that Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America have the greatest within-region skill variance.

Asia Pacific is at the extremes of the global business rankings with New Zealand (6th) and Australia (9th) approaching the very top, while India (50th) Pakistan (57th) and Bangladesh (59th) in the bottom quartile.

Coursera also revealed that demand for technology and data science skills is growing, while demand for business skills is shrinking.